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3D print

 oDocs Open-Source

At oDocs, we believe, one way of making eye care accessible is to make it open source. Smartphones are now becoming more powerful, reliable and affordable. It has became an ideal tool in teleophthalmology.
oDocs Eye Care specialises in developing open source smartphone ophthalmoscope.
Supported by Ultimaker, oDocs Eye Care launched the world's first open-source & 3D printable retinal imaging adapter in 2015.
The entire process of 3D printing and assembling the device takes less than 3 hours. The adapter requires a 20D condensing lens, eight M3 15 mm round head bolts and nuts, and a single M6 25 mm bolt and nut which are components all widely available.
The cost of self printing and assembling the device is below USD 20 per unit. That, coupled with the lower cost of printing the adapter and the ease of self-assembly, it will have a global impact on smartphone retinal photography

 Our first open source: oDocs Fundus launched in 2015. 

How to Access our Files

  • Our open source initiative is made available on GitHub. These include our projects: oDocs Fundus, visoScope, and visoClip. 
  • You can download the CAD files for oDocs fundus, Visoscope 30D, Visoscope 20D, Visoclip from our website as SLS files.
  • It is recommend to print them with technology such as SLS, SLA or DLP to achieve the best quality.
  • You can also 3D print them using services such as Shapeways. Visit the shapeways store for more details.
oDocs Fundus

1. Download the files for oDocs Fundus .

2. You will notice there are two mounts for the lens.

    • Part OD 101A is for oDocs 30D lens which can be purchased here
    • If you have your own Volk 20D lens, you can 3D print part OD 101B instead.

3. To use external 3D printing service provider, visit shapeways.

4.  To use the oDocs 20D PMMA lens, you  have to purchase the 3D printed arm from shapeways.

5. oDocs Fundus is designed to fit a large range of iPhone and Android Smartphones.


  Watch the instructional video for assembling oDocs Fundus :

oDocs Capture

A mobile app designed to allow healthcare providers to take retinal and anterior segment images using oDocs Fundus.

Capture allows you to easily take images with one handed controls and a streamlined interface.

The app is designed and clinically validated by ophthalmologists.