oDocs Eye Care

The New Zealand social enterprise with a mission to end preventable blindness.

innovation in affordable ophthalmic diagnostics

From idea to transformative technology

oDocs Eye Care was the brainchild of Dr Hong Sheng Chiong who developed a passion to improve access to eye care.  His experience and exposure to third world medicine had given him the insight to the challenges these nations are facing.  In 2014, he invented a smartphone retinal imaging system and made it open-source.  

oDocs visoScope

Retinal imaging made simple and affordable


iPhone retinal imaging adapter

oDocs Fundus

World's first open-source smartphone retinal imaging adapter


iPhone anterior segment microscope

oDocs Australia

oDocs Australia

Award winning technology

Steve Wozniak's endorsement

"This is how disruption is done"

Ministry of Health New Zealand

Winner of the Clinician Challenge National Prize