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About Us

"Our mission is to end preventable blindness on a global scale" 


We care deeply about preventing blindness. Visual impairment and blindness is a global problem, with 285 million people globally suffering from this condition and 80% of those cases being preventable or treatable. It is unfortunate that a 90% of those cases are found in developing areas.
The need arose to revolutionise eye health by building usable, accessible and affordable devices. In the light of this concept, in 2014 Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong and Dr. Benjamin O'Keeffe, set up oDocs Eye Care, a revolutionary company in the field of portable eye care.
oDocs Eye Care is now an innovative, award-winning medical technology social enterprise with a mission to save the sight of one million people by 2030.
We aim to develop a series of affordable ophthalmic diagnostic tools including retinal camera and OCT scanning machines. We have committed to using part of our net profit toward saving sight in the regions where it is needed most.

Our History



The company was initially called OphthalmicDocs


oDocs Eye Care, formally called OphthalmicDocs was founded by Dr. Hong Sheng Chiong and Dr Benjamin O'Keeffe with a dream to make eye care much more accessible and affordable. Within 3 months, they developed a fully functional 3D printable prototype for retinal imaging.


Launch of oDocs Fundus

The world's first open source smartphone retinal imaging adaptor was launched.



oDocs Fundus is our first open source smartphone ophthalmoscope. oDocs  made it an open-source project, and it became the world's first open-source smartphone ophthalmoscope.

NZ Innovation Awards 2015


People's Choice Award category


visoScope and visoClip

Updated versions of retinal and anterior segment imaging adapters were launched



Best Social Enterprise Award

Winner of the Talent Unleashed in Social Impact Category 



Winner of the Hi-Tech Awards-2017 


  Most Innovative mobile technology



oDocs nun

The wide field Opthalmoscope was launched.


The company launched its first CE marked, TGA & MedSafe registered device called the oDocs nun.


Dubai expo Live

Winner of the Dubai expo Live innovation grant $100,000 and a chance to participate in the EXPO